Welcome to the first blog post!

Hello AETC members, AETC website subscribers, EMG Technologists, partners, physicians, students, and all who can read this! Welcome to our first blog post! We are so excited to have this new means of communication with our members and subscribers. Included in this post are a few links of interest: First, have you had a chance to look around our website? We are delighted with the outcome of this project and hope you are too. We have some new job postings available, check out this link. We are also continuing a project we started in 2017 to keep "taking the pulse" of the field of EMG technology by asking members and EMG Technologists to participate in a short survey. The results will be presented to our members to get a better sense of workplace and worker trends across Canada. We also are interested in hearing about how COVID-19 has impacted your workplace. If you haven't already, please click on this link to complete this survey

This is also renewal time for AETC members, but it is also a great time to join! Please contact us at info@aetc.ca if you have any questions. Take care and talk soon. Sincerely, Angela Scott AETC, President

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