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A registration examination for EMG technologists is offered by the Board of Registration for Electromyography Technologist of Canada (BRETC).

2024 Exam Dates

Practical Exam - Sunday May 26th

Written Exam
* - Sunday May 26th

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
550 University Ave, Toronto, ON 

*Please note, applicants may be offered a written exam date on Saturday May 25th to accommodate a higher number of candidates.


Applications due February 28th 2024

Applications must be received before the end of day on Wednesday February 28th.


Applications received after this date will be subject to late fees, and an examination session is not guaranteed.

Please contact the BRETC Registrar to receive the BRETC exam application package -

Image by Green Chameleon


Learn more about the R.T. (EMG) examination process and candidate requirements

About the Registration Exam.

The purpose of the examination is to assess the competence of the individual to effectively carry out the technical task in an EMG laboratory. Candidates technical skill, insight, adaptability and theoretical knowledge is evaluated during a two part examination. The Board was formed to serve as the certifying body for EMG Technologists in Canada with the objectives below.





To maintain and enforce the national standards of knowledge and proficiency in electromyography technology

To administer and conduct appropriate examinations to assess the knowledge and proficiency of electromyography technologists

To assist in the educational process for electromyography technologists as the Board deems necessary

To issue certificates of recognition to those who successfully passed the examination and to permit them to use the designation, Registered Electromyography Technologist, R.T. (EMG)


This board is comprised of physician members of the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (CSCN) EMG Section and registered technologist members of the Association of Electromyography Technologists of Canada (AETC).

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