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Our History

In March of this year Dr. Pryse-Phillips asked Muriel Fullerton to sit on a steering committee, whose task would be to (1) develop a registry of people working as technicians in EMG in Canada and (2) to work on an acceptable basis for form registration in collaboration with the CSEECN (EMG Section). In June of this year an organizational meeting for EMG techs was held at Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City. Present were Dr. Pryse-Phillips, Dr. M. Brandstater, Stephen Yates, Graham Walsh and Muriel Fullerton.

A draft report written by Dr. Pryse-Phillips’ committee was reviewed and a number of revisions were deemed necessary. Dr. Pryse-Phillips prepared a new draft which was circulated to the EMG section of the CSEECN who would vote on it by mail. There was a unanimous agreement to form a provisional association of the EMG Technologists of Canada (AETC). Stephen Yates accepted the position of President, Graham Walsh, Vice President and Muriel Fullerton as Secretary/Treasurer. Dr.Pryse-Phillips and Dr. Murray Brandstater would be the liaison with CSEECN.

Dr.Pryse-Phillips was to explore the possibility with Dr. Blume and CBRET of setting up a board to register EMG techs and also EMG techs joining CAET under their own separate organization. During the fall of 1977 and spring of 1978 Graham Walsh and Muriel Fullerton drafted up a proposed Constitution for our provisional association. From a letter sent to EMG physicians by the EMG section of CSEECN we obtained the names of approximately 27 technicians doing EMG and we commenced recruitment of members for our Association.

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