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Dear members, On Friday, September 10th, the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation announced that they had made the difficult decision to postpone the Congress that was planned for next month. As a result, the AETC is modifying and adapting our plans for the 2021 AETC Continuing Education Seminars and Annual General Meeting. We are working on a short timeline and so please stay tuned for more information. Current plans for the continuing education seminars taking place on the set days (October 25th to the 27th) are canceled, but the AETC is working to repurpose the sessions to have online sessions offered monthly or bimonthly until the next expected CNSF Congress in Montreal. Zoom is the expected medium for these sessions. For those who had already registered for the 2021 AETC Continuing Education Seminars, your funds will be reimbursed in full. Our Secretary-Treasurer is working diligently to ensure this takes places before the end of the week. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. With regards to the business meeting, virtual meetings are now possible with the work that was accomplished at the Special Assembly held in August 2021. There is now a provision in our bylaws that allows for business meetings to be carried out online, as well as elections. Plans are to hold the business meeting on the same day as planned, October 26th. The timing will be different, at 7:00pm EST. Mediums are being explored at this time. Please plan to attend a practice session taking place a week or so beforehand.

At this time, we are expecting a decision on the fate of the BRETC exams. We want to continue to support exam candidates however we can, so at this time we plan to go ahead with both virtual workshops (September 21st and September 25th), and the fate of the in-person workshop planned for October 22nd will depend on whether the exam takes place. We will provide an update in a timely fashion.

With less than six weeks to go before our planned event, this certainly poses a challenge but having the necessary provisions in place certainly goes a long way, and I hope to see you at our business meeting. Sincerely, Angela

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